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Tips for Photographing Your RV to Sell or Show Off

When photographing your RV, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These include lighting, staging, and location. The key is to show the space well and highlight all of the practical features of your RV. Make sure your photos are as professional as possible. Make sure to take photos of the interior, including doors, hallways, adjacent spaces, and closets.

Photographing Your RV


Staging your RV will make it more appealing to potential buyers. You can add props such as pillows and blankets to create the right atmosphere. You can also set up some patio furniture so that prospective renters can experience the convenience and comfort that RV living provides. You should also make sure that utilities are connected and all systems are working properly.

If your RV is small, use small indoor plants to add life to the interior. They will add color to your listing photos and add a touch of nature. Small potted succulents and cacti look great on small RV shelves.


When photographing your RV, it is important to use natural lighting. This will make your photos look more appealing to prospective buyers. In addition, the colors of your RV will be less distorted. You can get a free photography phone app called Adobe Lightroom, which comes with presets that will enhance the photos.

When photographing your RV to sell or show off, keep in mind where it is located. You should try to make it the focal point of the photos. To do this, stand in the corner and point the camera outward. This will make your RV look larger. Also, make sure to organize the pictures in an album and keep them organized.

Another lighting tip for photographing your RV for sale or show-off is to avoid direct sunlight. Shooting in direct sunlight will produce an unflattering silhouette. You should try to avoid using flash. A fill flash will illuminate unwanted shadows.


Props are very important when photographing your RV for sale or show-off. While you may not have to use expensive items like expensive camera lenses or a professional photographer, having the right props will give your photos more life. Glassware and other items that are easily found around your house can be great props for an RV dinette scene. Coffee mugs and aluminum “camping” mugs work well, as do stemware or stemless wine glasses. Even grape juice can be used to complete the scene.

First, you need to find the right angle. The best angle is in the middle of the RV and not the back of the RV. If possible, take the photos early in the morning or late in the evening. If taking the pictures indoors, make sure the curtains are open. If you need to take an outdoor shot, be sure to use a camera with outdoor portrait settings. Remember that flash can ruin the photo. You can also use the fill flash to light up any unwanted shadows.


When taking photographs of your RV for sales, consider the best angle for your RV. A wide angle shot gives potential buyers a better look at the entire unit and a good overview of the floorplan. Using a cell phone to take pictures will also let you keep more of the unit in frame.

Another important tip is to prepare the RV for photographs before you take them. Make sure everything is clean, including the outside and interior. If there are any personal items in the RV, remove them or store them elsewhere. Make sure your RV is well-lit and the furniture is in order. Set up a staging area with a table, lighting, and bathroom if necessary.

The interior of your RV should also be photographed. It should showcase the space of the entire unit, including any closets, sinks, or toilets. Photos should also highlight other practical aspects of the RV, such as its doors and hallways.

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