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Little Things To Remember To Pack For Your Big RV Trip

Whether you’re planning your first RV trip or you’ve been to the campground many times before, it’s important to have the right equipment for your journey. There are many little things you can pack that will make your trip easier. Here are a few of them.

Reusable Ziplock bags

Using reusable Ziplock bags to remember to pack for your big RV trip is a smart move. Not only will they keep your food fresh, they will also help you save money. And, since they are made of plastic, they can be recycled as they’re used up.

If you’re planning to take your family on the road, a slew of these in your suitcase will ensure that you don’t have to pay for laundry service or the gas to get you there and back. They’re also great for keeping dirty laundry from clogging up your bag or your home’s washing machine. They’re the perfect size for fitting in your backpack or on your shoulder. They also make good wet bags for swimsuits.

There are plenty of gimmicks out there for the traveling crowd, but one of the best is the Stasher. It’s a bit pricey at $19, but it’s a well-made product that’s easy to use and will hold up well for years to come. They’re also dishwasher safe, making them a cinch to clean.

Folding organizers

Organizing your big RV trip can be a challenge. However, there are some simple items that can make packing and organizing easier.

There are many different types of folding organizers. Some of the most useful are portable caddy-style organizers, which are ideal for small spaces. You can also get an organizer that will match your RV’s color scheme.

Another type of folding organizer is the layered hanger. These are designed to be thin and non-slip. They’re perfect for maximizing space when hanging clothes. You can buy these in various sizes, and you can also slide them into a hanging wardrobe organizer.

In addition to foldable clothes organizers, you can also purchase storage bins. These can be used in cupboards or on the outside of your RV. You can also find collapsible pots and pans. They can be stacked into one large pot for additional space-saving utility.


Whether you’re preparing for your first RV trip or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll want to remember to pack utensils. Camping utensils are generally durable and easy to store. You can find a lot of camping utensils at outdoor stores.

Some are collapsible, so they’ll take up a small amount of space. Others are stackable, so they’ll save you space when you’re packing. You’ll also find some utensils that are rust resistant.

You’ll also want to consider using a multi-purpose item. This could be a grater, whisk, or cutting board. They’re all good for a variety of tasks, so they’re a great way to save space.

Some people don’t think about this, but you can also use Ziplock bags to pack your food and toiletries. This can save you from having to lug a large bag with you on your trip. It’s also convenient for storing leftovers.

White noise machine

Using a white noise machine can help you get a good night’s sleep. There are many models available, so it can be hard to choose. Some of them are portable, while others require a plug. They can also play recorded sounds.

You should try to find a model with a variety of different sounds. Some people like the sound of nature, while others prefer the sound of a fan. Having a variety of sounds can increase the chance that you’ll find the right one.

You should also look for a model that has an adjustable pitch. The tone of the white noise can become grating if it’s at the wrong frequency. If you’re going to be using your machine in the bedroom, it may be best to buy one with a timer.

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